Latest Past Events

Drawing with Apple Pencil

In this session you will learn how drawing can be a valuable teaching and learning tool in many curriculum areas. You will learn how drawing can be scaffolded for all learners, drawing over photos as a guide. You will learn how to use layers and animations to bring drawing to life for storytelling or to show knowledge and understating of concepts.


Leading Student Agency as STEM App Designers

Students see solutions everywhere they go. They are often the most insightful problem finders and solvers we’ll meet. This session with provide free templates and workflows designed to deepen learning and empower and support teachers to structure problem based learning activities. The focus will be on social enterprise via app design.


Swift Playgrounds: Who Needs a Calculator?

Swift Playgrounds on macOS and iPadOS is a great starting point to learn to code. In this session you will learn how to incorporate Swift Playgrounds into your lessons - it is an incredibly powerful programmable computer! See how to use Swift to model simple problems. Become aware of the role of Numbers alongside Swift Playgrounds to enhance student understanding.